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    ndustry outlook

    The first drinking water revolution - tap water

    Infectious diseases such as cholera, typhoid and plague caused by microorganisms in the water killed hundreds of people before the 19th century.In 1897, during an epidemic of typhoid fever in England, chlorine was found to be used to disinfect drinking water.In 1902, Belgium began to use chlorine gas to disinfect water supply. The use of chlorine overcame biological pollution in water, stopped the epidemic of plague, and produced tap water flowing into thousands of households. This was the first drinking water revolution.

    The second drinking water revolution - bottled water

    The development of modern industry aggravates the pollution of water. Dozens of carcinogens and new pathogenic microorganisms have been found in tap water.At present, most waterworks still use traditional processes, which cannot cope with chemical contamination such as pesticides, heavy metals and synthetic detergents, organic compounds, etc.Barreled water as the representative of the second drinking water revolution came into being.Because of the secondary pollution of bottled water, bacteria easy to breed and bottled water order, send, change trouble, and bottled water can only solve the problem of drinking water, can not meet the family cooking and other drinking water purification requirements, people are in urgent need of safer, more economic drinking water treatment methods.

    The third drinking water revolution -- terminal clean water

    Profit has driven many unqualified producers into the business of profit bottled water.In recent years between the departments of the selective examination and the media of the light all show: "bottled water can not drink casually!"The disadvantages of the "bottled water + bucket" model can be summarized as secondary pollution and inconvenience, so the market calls for a new way of drinking water, that is, the terminal water purification system installed in residents' homes or group units, also known as water purification equipment, or water purifier.The use of water purifier families and units have also increased significantly, water purifier will enter thousands of households, all walks of life.


    Join in policy

    Regional protection

    In order to protect the interests of distributors, the company takes the exclusive distribution authorization as the company's regional market policy, and the company promises in the form of distribution agreement not to develop second distributors in the same region.At the same time, the company set up a strict cross-regional channeling punishment policy, to protect the rights of exclusive distribution of regional distribution.See the dealer agreement for details.

    Regionalized operation support

    Kefron successfully constructed a set of regional market operation ideas, innovated and established a set of channel mode suitable for water purifier, and summarized and formed a set of effective integrated communication scheme.Under the guidance of this integrated market operation idea and combined with the regional characteristics of the local market, dealers can successfully launch the regional market.

    Sales incentives

    The company sets up a strong sales rebate policy to encourage dealers to devote themselves to the market and achieve higher sales targets.The company sets up a stepped sales rebate policy, and timely rebate cash.See the distribution agreement document for details.

    Team-based help and support

    Kefron sends marketing teams to key regional markets for field marketing assistance.The team consists of marketing consultants from the marketing consulting company and business personnel of the company.The assistance mainly includes field market survey, personnel training, program guidance, management platform building, channel network layout planning, promotion and promotion activity planning, etc.The Kefron marketing team is your consultant to operate the regional market.

    Price policy

    In view of the four product series, the company sets a very competitive supply price and guides the retail price system, to protect the profit space of dealers at all levels.The company continues to strengthen product quality and image, enhance the terminal competitiveness of products, adhere to the cost-effective product price strategy, continue to provide dealers with powerful product weapons to operate the market, enhance the competitiveness of Kefron dealers in the regional market.See the company price list for details.

    Advertising support

    The company sets up a large amount of advertising support for dealers to support them to start the regional market under their jurisdiction.The company provides the dealer with the design template of the conventional advertising material.The company created a new website platform, dealers use the company's website as a platform to release information, so that Kefron dealers can use Kefron's website platform to share resources, exchange experience, release information and so on.

    Sales support

    The company produces a variety of promotional materials and provides them to dealers free of charge in accordance with a certain amount, so as to help dealers establish terminal image, carry out promotional activities and fully launch the local regional market.The company can also provide effective promotional activities for dealers to help dealers quickly increase sales in a short period of time and open the market.The company formulated the Kefron store image standard and Kefron counter image standard design.

    Documented management support

    In accordance with the requirements of ISO quality system, Kefron established a marketing operation management system and set up a set of marketing operation documents.At the same time, we have also tailored a series of high-quality training documents for dealers.It mainly includes: product knowledge training manual, dealer annual planning training document, dealer operation and management training document, sales promotion guide process, after-sales service training manual and so on.

    Joining process


    Process 1: Get the information

    Through the Internet, magazines, media and so on to understand the company and the company's investment information.

    Process two: call/information consultation

    Communicate with the company for the first time through telephone, message on the website, online consultation on the company network, etc.

    Process 3: Submission of affiliate materials/information

    The interested party shall submit the personal/company joining materials/information to Kefron, and the investment promotion department of Kefron will communicate with them to have a deep understanding of the materials/information provided by them.

    Process 4: Qualification review

    According to the investment standards of the company, the investment department of Kefron will review the qualification of the prospective candidates

    Obtain information → call/information consultation → join materials submission → qualification review → obtain information → investigate and negotiate → reach consensus → sign agreement → perform the contract → obtain authorization → company support → market operation